A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Control your robot – until you don’t!

Emergency Protocol is a puzzle game that requires you to plan ahead for moments in which your robot is out of reach. The original version is a submission to and winner of the 2020 GMTK Game Jam. Thank you so much to everyone who played, enjoyed and rated our game!

After almost two weeks of work, we are finally ready to present you with our post-jam version! We’ve made the following changes:

  • 6 brand new levels and edits to existing ones!
  • Added support for Linux and Mac
  • Adjustable and pauseable movement speed
  • New and improved visuals and sound effects
  • Options Menu and improved level select
  • Level completion is now saved
  • and a few secrets for you to discover!

If you are interested in supporting us, we have opened up donations. But we want to emphasize that donations are absolutely not necessary!


Emergency Protocol was developed by:

Tyrix – Programming and Design (https://tyrix.itch.io/)

Haru – Programming, Art and SFX (https://haruzter.itch.io/)

If you enjoyed Emergency Protocol and are interested in potential updates or future games from us, feel free to follow us on itch.

You can also join our discord to discuss the game and report any bugs you find: https://discord.gg/dqGh6Yj

Or, if you don’t have discord, send us an email at EmergencyProtocolGame@gmail.com


Special thanks to Jonas for creating the original jam SFX on short notice.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
AuthorsHaru, [Tyr|x]
Tags2D, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Pixel Art, Top-Down


EmergencyProtocol (Post Jam Windows).zip 21 MB
EmergencyProtocol (Post Jam Mac).zip 23 MB
EmergencyProtocol (Post Jam Linux).zip 22 MB
EmergencyProtocol (Jam Windows).zip 12 MB
EmergencyProtocol (Jam Mac).zip 14 MB
EmergencyProtocol (Jam Linux).zip 13 MB

Install instructions

1:  Extract the .zip file
2:  Execute EmergencyProtocol


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if you use the dioagonal gilitch,you can get stuck in walls

how do you get the secret in the last level?

i got out of bounds by using the "diagonal" bug (click down+left) to get out of bounds in the level 'brige'


idk if this is intentional but if you press two keys to move simultaniously (ex. down left) in a 1x1 green zone you will still move down left.

hey, thank you for telling us!

the bug is known. unfortunately it is not easy to fix :/


Just came across this game and I have to say its really clever and cool! being a beginner game developer myself I was curious how did u do the movement copy system ? 

Hey, thanks! It's pretty simple. Every time the player moves inside of a control zone, the following happens: the input direction is saved in an Array and the game checks if the player is still in the zone. If yes, it waits for a new input. If the player leaves the zone, movement inputs are disabled and the game instead cycles through the directions saved in the Array until the player enters a new control zone. If you're interested in a more detailed explanation, you could also join our discord server to reach us (I don't check itch that often - sorry!)

sure, can i have your discord? i would love to know more about it cause i was working on something similar until i came across your game ^^ cool game btw

see you there ;)


Kazoobi kazoos are the loudest in the world !

Really fun little game. Were the box sounds home-made ? They sounded like someone actually pronounced "wshh" and "Pkronk"...


Yes, all the sounds were made by me ^^ I actually did say "wshh" and "pkronk" into my microphone. The piano sounds are also from my actual piano (which is why they sound a bit crunchy)


Found a bug relevent to the last 2 levels. You can keep moving within the green areas even after walking over a pit. You will still die after the animation finishes, but on the last 2 levels, it takes long enough that you can dash to the flag and finish those levels without solving them.

That's kind of funny. Thanks for reporting the bug. I'll fix it in the next couple of days.

i already finished it like that [evi]

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How do i do refresh? I can get to the second last green rectangle and then i dont know what to do

you can refresh by pressing R  or clicking the refresh button to the right

Sorry if I wasnt clear enough but i mean the level refresh

Sorry for taking so long to reply. For some reason i don't get notified for comments anymore :/
If you need more help (or the following hint is to cryptic), consider joining us on discord (https://discord.gg/dqGh6Yj).


Alright. You are on the green platform before the one with the flag? In that case try to follow the moves you have to do backwards from where you want to reenter the green zone. Maybe if you exit it at the right spot it will work.

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Thanks! I'll see if it works

Pressing the start button redirects to the menu. Fix

Maybe I don't get the issue. But pressing the "Start Game" button on the title screen seems to correctly show the Tutorial page before leading to the first level. Any more details on the bug might help us to (understand and) fix it.

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Everytime i click it dosent function (Im using Jam WIndows)

It will redirect to menu

Oh, you are right! It should work now.

Post jam works though.



This is an amazing concept! I love the art and sound effects too. It has a lot of potential, and I'll be sure to play any updates if you choose to work on it further.